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Generally, air compressors are great boosters for any business.

However, it can be a daunting task trying to select the appropriate industrial air compressor for your business because there is a range of options out there. Air compressors for businesses vary in the area of power, airflow, pressure, and some other features.

You must know the right air compressor that is suitable for your business to produce better results while still saving your pocket.

For example, if you buy an air compressor that doesn’t have enough power, you can’t enjoy the best performance. This can even damage your equipment and endanger safety.

In the same vein, if you buy a compressor with more power than you need, you will spend more than needed, and additional costs may not be profitable.

Follow these basic guides to get the compressor suitable for your business.


The type of drive you use is vital to your commercial air compressor. There are two choices of the drive system to consider, the electric motor and the diesel engine.

Electric motors are generally cheaper and require little or less maintenance, however, it must be powered constantly. As constant electricity might not be available in a construction site, you may have to opt for Diesel-powered equipment.

Some air compressors have a frequency converter that regulates energy consumption for the task. Changing the input frequency and voltage of the motor can save energy and reduce the operating costs.

However, machines with such drives may be more sensitive to dust and poor operating conditions.


Also, you need to know the size of the tank. Larger tanks can immediately release more compressed air. Smaller tanks have to work more to release more pressurized air to achieve the same performance (as the larger tanks).

The tanks are very useful for storing air especially when more is needed than compressor capacity. It also helps reduce airway pulsation.

Small tanks are useful if you only need your compressors for short release of compressed air but if you know you will use the compressor for a longer time, you should choose a larger tank.

You don’t need to use it for a long time at first, but if you can eventually turn this type of a function into a job that requires it, you need to buy an air compressor with a large tank to meet your current and future needs.

You can also choose between horizontal and vertical tanks. The option that works best for you depends on your interests.


Anytime you want to purchase an air compressor or a screw compressor, be sure that that it is compatible with your electrical power source.

There is a significant amount of businesses that have three-phase electricity. Single electricity is only used by residential and commercial buildings.

You must consult a qualified electrician to get the information about the electrical requirements of your system so that you can choose the right voltage.


It is necessary to consider your costs when choosing an industrial air compressor.

You should carefully consider the specs of the compressor required only for the work you need it for instead of breaking the bank over a much larger compressor that is not necessary for the work.


Air receivers connect to a compressor and store compressed air.

Despite the fact air compressors can operate without them, they(air receiver) allow moisture and other particles to be removed, they prevent pressure ripples, they reduce compressor loads, and they reduce overall wear.

Air receiver is important to compressor because without it, the compressor may not last long and its performance will be less efficient.

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