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Top 5 Internships For Electrical Engineer Students in Australia


Australia is a hub of job opportunities. If you know what you are doing and you can search in the right places, you are going to see a lot of opportunities calling for your career advancement! For those who are in the field of electrical engineering, searching for an internship at an industry leading company is hard, but it is a major step in the door towards not just working with industry professionals, but becoming one yourself. This article serves as a curated list by our career experts, of fantastic electrical engineering internships for students in Australia.

 There are several internships in Australia for electrical engineering students, but only a few are truly outstanding and widely recognised across the globe. A good example is the 2020 Vacation Student Electrical Engineer internship that is on offer by the AngloGold Ashanti Australia. The offer is still very much on for electrical engineer students of the future and will remain valid till the end of 2020. Interested applicants can send in their applications online.

  Another one is the 2020/2021 Summer Software Engineering offered by Canva Pty Limited. It is also valid until December 2020, and students can apply on the Internet. Rio Tinto is another brand known for its exciting internship opportunities for electrical engineering students. It is currently running a 2020/2021 vacation program that will be on until November 2020. Applications are accepted, and those interested should send in their own online before it ends.

 Aurecon Australia also has a similar internship program. Known as the Aurecon 2020/2021 internship program, it has a lot of vacancies in place, as much as 90 at once. The internships are available all across the country, where the brand maintains its presence. The application opened in February 2020, and it is going to continue until August.

 Then there is also GHD Australia with its 2020/2021 vacation student program. This internship is going to accept applications until August 2020, and it is planning to commence in November 2020. There are a host of other internships for electrical engineer students in the country, but the ones listed above are some of the most prominent opportunities for internship in Australia for the past decade.

 Several advantages come with internships. In this age, when one needs a good job to be able to live well, having the experience of an intern is one of the qualities that recruiters watch out for. In other words, if you are an intern, you stand a better chance of getting a job compared with those who have never done any internship. You are also most likely going to get paid, and that is a financial advantage for you.

 As an intern, you can build excellent professional networks that will assist you as you make efforts to advance your career. With an internship, you get a lot more experience in the field that you are aspiring to work in, and that is a significant bonus. Australia is a place teeming with countless opportunities for students who want to work as interns, especially the select few listed in this article. Those who are smart enough are going to take advantage of these opportunities follow their passion. Finding electrical engineering internships is just the start of your dream career. Where will it lead you, only time, patience and hard work will tell.

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