How to set up an office at home


Setting up a home office comes with opening a business from homeand you need to ensure your home office is comfortable and welcoming. Setting up an office isn’t just going out and buying a chair and a desk you need to carefully plan the space out before buying to ensure that you have a space that is suited to your needs.

Select the location

Large business people have been known to start their business from their garage or the kitchen table. These may have worked; however, they are not ideal. Every time you have a meal you will need to organise the paperwork and books to give yourself some room to eat. You want a space that is free from different distractions live tv’s and kids playing.  You can even take advantage of the home office tax deduction but only if the space is used often but only used as an office, nothing else. Everything needs to be in our office. You don’t want to keep leaving the office to find a book or paper. 

Preparing the office area

Once you have worked out where your office space is going to be you can start organising the essential items that you need like, outlets, organisers, draws and the lighting. Start with a blank canvas so if you have other items in that room take everything out first and start blank. Install fixtures like cords, cable outlets and shelving while the room is empty. This helps you to account for the right spacing and placements for the furniture.

Setting the space up

The space is empty and ready. It is time to fill it with all your business needs. Start with the larger pieces like desks and cupboards that way you still have floor space to move around in.  As you bring electrical items in be sure they have enough room to the device to the outlet. Set everything up roughly first before plugging everything in and cleaning it etc to ensure you are happy where everything is. Ponder over it for a few days and walk in and out a couple times a day and see what doesn’t work and what looks out of place. Does the position of the desk get too much light? Not enough?

Working from home

You may find yourself moving things around 2-3 times as you start using your office you might find things don’t work well where they are positioned this is quite normal. It’s always better to have a commercial carpet workdone to the floors to give a viable and corporate feel that instils a productive work environment. If something doesn’t suit or isn’t effective in a certain spot move it. You need a home office that is functional and one that you are happy with. 

Make it your space

Running a home business is difficult sometimes but you can add items to your home office that you like to give your interior walls those perfect finishes. Things that motivate you, inspire and sooth you to ensure you are happy working in the area. Indoor plants are good décor items they are not overdone but add some character to the room. Pictures of your family can be a mood booster and aim at keeping you motivated knowing you are working hard for your family.

Once your office is set-up you will need to monitor how the design works when put into action. Do what works for you.

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