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Bizarre things to avoid with air compressors

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An air compressor system is one of the most used mechanical systems in any kind of mechanical system. They are used in various applications, from industry to common household. In this article, we will explore five bizarre things that you should not do in an air compressor system. Since an air compressor system is a high-pressure system and used to pressurize and transport various gases using poor quality repairment could end up in a disaster.

Saying that the first thing you should not to in an air compressor system is using duct tape to repair it. Duct tape is a magical substance that can repair anything, expect a compressor, maybe. Duct tape won’t help you with your air compressor; it is very dangerous to do so.

Also, in a similar fashion using an air tank, pipeline, or any mechanical, static part that has rivets on it. Rivets are the “ancient” method used in all the industries before the welding technology discovered. Rivets are short metal rods that connect two separate metals, usually sheets of metal, like a nail. They were used to use in ships, cars, everything you can think of, but now they are too dangerous to be used in a pressurized system.

As it is dangerous to use old technology and unreliable repair methods, it is dangerous not to use certain technologies for an industrial air compressor. One of them is using filters. Filters have such an important role in the air compressor system. First of all, they keep your machine clean. If you are driving the air from the atmosphere, you will suck many; I mean many dirty things into your compressor. Yeah, I know, compressors are not the most delicate devices out there, but dirt piling up inside the pipes and potentially inside the piston chamber can easily wreck your compressor. Using filters simply lengthens your compressor’s life.

Now that we are in the maintenance issues, we can talk about lubricants and oil. One of the craziest things you can do to your compressor is not to change its lubricant for long periods of time. Sure, the new lubricant products suggest longer usage, but you should always check the system. After some point, lubricants lose their chemical properties because of the extreme friction and heat produced inside the compressor. When that happens, the only thing you can do is to change the lubricants. If you don’t, your compressor would not work in even %50 efficiency compared to a healthy, well-lubricated compressor and ultimately making its life much shorter.

The last thing I want to inform you about is the working place of the compressor. If you are using an air compressor, you should install it in a large place so it can easily use the surrounding air to run itself. Now, this principle does not apply to every compressor, although they all need some space to breathe. Air compressors, unlike others, use the air from the atmosphere directly. So using it in a confined space would end up it sucking all the dirt and the dust in the area since the air is limited around. So you should always install it in a large space where air runs freely.

These are the 5 bizarre things that you should avoid doing for a healthy and durable air compressor system. These points must be carefully addressed before handling an air compressor by yourself, socially for domestic purposes. The slightest bit of mishap can lead to grave outcomes. However, you will be far from finding yourself in such a situation if you follow this guide well.

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